A little about the program…

Drexel’s summer in Prague program is partnered with The University of New Orleans, or UNO. This means, that not only are students from Drexel taking part in the classes, but students from New Orleans as well as many other schools attend the program as well. Prior to leaving Philadelphia, all Drexel students take part in a special topics in languages course – an introduction to Czech language and culture. This course lasts three weeks, beginning the week before summer term starts. After arriving in Prague, we take two additional courses – these courses meet four days a week for four weeks and are offered in a variety of subjects such as art and architecture, photography, writing, literature, documentary film, Czech music etc. These classes are mixed groups of Drexel and UNO students, as well as a handful of students from other schools across the country.
While in Prague, we stay in the dormitories of Czech Tech, a technical college in Prague, started in 1707. Our classes are held at Charles University, which founded in 1348 it is the secold oldest university in Europe, and is located in the historical center of the city.

Charles University – photo courtesy of Prague.net

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