Walking Tour of Prague

On our first afternoon here in beautiful Prague, we were lucky enough to go on a 2 hour walking tour with an absolutely wonderful tour guide, Milos.  We enjoyed Milos so much in that he did not take us to see the popular, touristy areas of Prague.  Instead, he allowed us to see some of the beauty of Prague that tourists usually don’t get a chance to witness.
We began our walk in a park that was only minutes away from our dorm.  The park was filled with towering trees and perfectly cut grass.  Even though it was so close to the city, it felt as though we were in the quiet suburbs.
Continuing out of the park we walked into a charming little neighborhood known as the “New World”.  The neighborhood was built in the mid 14th century and is made up of small, narrow streets lined with small colorful homes.  Years ago, castle workers lived in this neighborhood in order for them to be close to the castle.  Today, the area is quite expensive to live in and inhabited mostly by wealthy Czechs including famous writers and artists.  A bit further down from this neighborhood we were excited to see and take pictures of The Lennon Tribute Wall.
As we walked around we ended up outside of the Prague castle where there was the most breath-taking view of Prague.  This is what I had been waiting for!  The city did not suffer from much damage during World War II.  The buildings are mostly all in great condition.  Architecture in the city includes styles of Art-nouveau, Gothic, Baroque, as well as more modern structures.
Our tour continued down hilly streets from the castle to old town square where we finally ended up in one of my new favorite places, Valdstejn garden.  The garden is beautiful and includes many little paths, statues, and fountains that surround a large stunning pond.  It looked as though it was out of a movie.

I am so excited to be here and can’t wait to share more soon.

Here are some pictures from the tour!

New World Neighborhood

View of Prague from the Castle Square
The Lennon Wall


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