Fashion Designers Bring Classic Masterpieces to the Runway

In the past months of scouring fashion news sites and blogs, I have built up quite an arsenal of articles, photos and ideas that I really really love. So when Julienne Thibodeaux presented her Kirschner-inspired collection “Modern Metropolis” as a debut designer at the Arts of Fashion Show recently – I couldn’t help but sift back through my collection of clippings to put a post together on this new trend hitting the runway.
Taking inspiration from favorite artists and masterpieces has moved up on the to-do list for designers this year. Mondrian, Picasso, Matisse, and even Chuck Close served as muses for top designer’s spring 2010 collections at Paris Fashion Week. Thanks to The Skinny for the heads up on this one!

Hermes lines and color scheme emulate Mondrian

Miyake channels Matisse

Galliano brings this Picasso to life

Elie Saab’s pieces are reminiscent of Chuck Close’s pointillist world of color

Julianne’s collection was greatly inspired by Expressionist artist Ernst Lugwig Kirchner’s paintings “Berlin Street Scene.” She used his colors, and sharp heavy brush strokes to create custom fabrics and geometric abstract silhouettes to bring his painting to life in a 3-dimensional form on the runway.

Kirschner’s Berlin Street Scene

Sketches of Julianne’s Debut Series collection: Modern Metropolis

Images courtesy of The Skinny Blog and Arts of Fashion


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