Liberty of London for Target

This week, Target stores across the nation opened up the latest in their series of guest brand designers. Target has participated with many of these limited edition guest designers in the past. However, very few of these designers have extended their lines beyond apparel. Liberty of London for Target designs do not stop with apparel, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, and swimwear collections. With additional categories in dining, bedding, home decor, storage and organization, furniture, lawn and garden, and even a collection of bicycles, Liberty of London’s bright signature prints stand out throughout the entire store.

Throughout the store advertisements hang above any of the shelves or racks that display the limited edition Liberty of London for Target merchandise. These bright advertisements, many in the signature prints, quickly draw in the attention of shoppers throughout the store. As each of the advertisements within the store, on television, in magazines, or on the internet all repeatedly present the signature prints they are very cohesive in a highly effective manner.

With the beginning of Spring just around the corner the prints have come just in time for shoppers whether they are going through spring cleaning or they are looking for that perfect new sundress for spring break. All in all, the advertisements, merchandise, and bright playfulness of the signature prints are all working well for Liberty of London and Target, and stores are already beginning to sell out of these limited-edition items.


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