Fashion Show 2010 "Pre-Selection"

For Drexel’s Fashion show, deciding which clothes make it to the runway is a challenging process. We hold a two-day evaluation event called pre-selection in which a panel of professors view students’ collections as a whole. The garments must be as close to finished as possible by the time pre-selection rolls around (which is a little more than a month before the actual show).
The garments, just as during model selection received a Yes, No or Maybe. Maybe’s and Yes’s got numbers to help us create the order of the show.

The D&M fashion show crew was in charge of orchestrating the event for the designers. We dressed mannequins, catalogued the garments and made sure the day ran smoothly and that everyone remained calm during what could be a stressful time.
Here is an exclusive sneak peak at some of what you might see in the show!


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