Fashion Show Model "Go-See’s"

The International Modeling Guide defines a “Go-See” as “simply an appointment arranged by the model (or agency). It is an opportunity for the model to interview with [potential] clients.”
Drexel Fashion 2010 held its own go-see in the Main Building earlier this month.
The D&M Fashion show team watched men and women from various agencies including Reinhard, MMA, Expressions and Wilhelmina. The models were asked to show us their “walk.” Many brought along look books with head-shots and other photos so that we could get a better idea of their overall style.
We weren’t looking for any specific type of person, as we had not seen the clothes that would be shown yet. The models we chose heavily depend on the look of the clothes that are being shown. If there are a lot of “girl next door” models and the clothes end up being very futuristic looking, there would be a disconnect in the show.
Male models generally needed to be on the slimmer side, as men who are too “bulked up” often can’t fit into garments created for the show.
We gave all of our attendees a Yes, No or a Maybe.
Those who are a Yes were chosen for their strong walk across the stage and their amiable personality.
Final decisions still have not been made.
Take a look at some of our possible models as well as a few D&M’s checking out the look books.


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