My Prague Bucket List

It is my final week studying in Prague, and I am sad thinking that next weekend I will be leaving Prague and continuing my travels throughout Europe. The four week program went by so quickly; it all seems a blur. My classes for the most part were very relaxed and laid back, so I found myself really enjoying the time spent “in class”. The group as a whole got along great, we were always doing something together, so it’s no wonder how time flew by.

Since it is my last week, I am trying to cram in all the tourist attractions that I kept putting off. This week, before my afternoon classes I went to Prague’s famed TV Tower, which is perched quite high on a hill. The TV tower can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city. Although, it always seems to be in the distance. There is a metro stop for the area around the TV tower, so it’s easy to access. I wanted to visit the TV Tower not only for the landscape view of the city but also for the unique art installation on the exterior.

Prague TV Tower

The Prague TV Tower has quite a few large sculptures of babies crawling on the tower, and they are visible from afar as well. Although you cannot make out what the figures actually are until much closer, it’s obvious that there is something on the tower. The babies are an art installation piece by famed Czech sculptor David Černý. The babies are made of fiberglass so they are pretty lightweight considering their size.The babies were originally suppose to be a temporary exhibit, however the citizens of Prague grew so found of them, the city decided to keep the installation installed permanently.

The TV Tower babies were so popular more were created and placed on Kampa Island near the Charles Bridge. Later that day my group went to go see the babies on the ground. Once I was face to face with the babies, I realized that they did not have faces! I did not notice these unique traits on the tower babies because they were placed so high up. I thought the babies on the ground were quite large, but I later found out that the babies on the tower are actually twice as large compared to the size of the ones on Kampa Island. Those are some large babies and large sculptures!

The Baby Sculpture on Kampa Island

The few other things on my Prague Bucket List include: dinner at Clear Head Vegetarian Restaurant, The Kafka Museum, and going up inside the Astronomical Clock to view Old Town Square from above!


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  1. My list also include Old town square where you find people taking walk, breaks, eating and taking pictures. the atmosphere there is very friendly and touristic. The best way to see the square is with the guided walking tour so that you could get to know it's history and culture. which is really very amusing.
    Prague places to visit

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