Walk Like A Model

Recently, we had model go-sees for the Fashion Show. Our entire class sat in the main auditorium while several models lined up to strut their stuff on the stage in hopes of making it into our show. I think we all felt a little weird at first at the idea sitting in judgment of how these models walked, stood, looked, posed, and dressed, but needless to say we had a TON of fun. There was definitely some blushing in the room among our D&M’s when the male models took the stage.

Watching the models walk, the biggest issue that stood out to me was when the model was clearly thinking too much about their movements and just generally trying way too hard. A model’s runway walk should look easy and natural, but many of these models made it look like a chore. The perfect balance when walking is definitely hard to achieve, but the less you think about it the better. Eyes should be looking forward, shoulders should be relatively still, arms shouldn’t be swinging crazily just as much as your body allows them to move naturally; for women it’s better to keep your upper arms somewhat close to your body and let the bottom part of the arm swing, men should just let their arms swing naturally. Hands should stay open but not robotic. Legs…it’s all about legs: men should walk naturally but take slightly longer strides, women also take longer strides but should make sure to put one foot in front of the other, this movement will allow the hips to sway, allowing for the proper arm swing. There are definitely a lot of logistics but they come easier if you don’t think about it.

Oh yeah! One more thing: STAND UP STRAIGHT. A good walk is ruined by a slouch.

Add a lot of confidence and you are runway ready!

My favorite model of the day was Camille from Reinhard. Camille had walked in the PIFA show; so we knew she was a shoe-in, but we had her walk anyway just so that we could all experience a natural and beautiful walk. Camille is classy, beautiful, stylish and effortless. She made everything look easy proving that she was meant for the runway.

A great story from the go-sees that shows how being natural and not trying too hard can really help is the Shane story. The Shane story will forever be a great memory from this year’s show. During a lull in models, a middle aged man steps into the room and asks us if we’re accepting young men for auditions as well and tells us that his son has interest and is here looking at Drexel for school next year and would love to audition for us. We say why not, let him walk! When Shane gets up on stage, he kindly informs us that he’s never walked before. He has a head-shot with him as he is pursuing acting. Shane does his walk and it is easy, balanced, and poised. We all sit there shocked as Shane just put several professional male models to shame.

Yes you can train models to improve on their walk, but a good portion of it comes from having a naturally relaxed easy breezy attitude that transfers onto the runway.

Check out some of the most famous models in the world walk below:

Linda Evangelista

Kate Moss

Gisele Bundchen

Naomi Campbell

If you haven’t gotten your fashion show tickets yet be sure to stop by the Nesbitt lobby during the week 12pm-2pm or go to drexel.edu/westphal

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