Inside Jokes

While in Iceland our group had a couple of inside jokes and one of them made fun of me! Well I was the one that shared this fact with everyone and since I kept on reapeating this event it became a nice little part of our trip. One day while Laura, Ashley, and myself were ate the grocery store I stumblred upon this hidden jem…COOL AMERICAN DORITOS. Yes, they were just ranch Doritos, but they had an epic name! I decided to eat these chips back in my hotel rooms and all of a sudden I felt extremely sleepy and passed outt! I told my group and they all thought it was a little funny. The next day I decided to eat Paprika chips and passed out again. Apparently I got the idis from these chips. The next night I had another bag of Cool Americans and passed out. The joke of Iceland became me passing out due to my addiction to potato chips. This hasn’t happened yet in America, so maybe Iceland+Exotic Chips=Sleepy Time?


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