Today I had a fabulous tea at the Berkeley hotel in the Caramel room.  Not a typical tea house but do not be mistaken!  If you want sheer elegance with a fashion twist, this is your destination.  Seven of the ladies in my group including myself went.  I had found the place a few weeks ago just looking for a fun tea place online.  We had to book in a few weeks in advance because they have limited seating but, it was well worth it.  

The tea was called Prêt-à-Portea, which translates to Ready to Wear.  Yes, fashion tea.  This included “cakes and fancies” inspired by fashion designers Tom Ford, Chloe, Tory Burch, Miu Miu, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Roger Vivier, and Victoria Beckham.  Please ooh and ah.  Such an experience.   

First off was a selection of loose leaf teas to choose from, I chose the Pear Caramel, appropriate for the Caramel Room :).  So delicious I must say.  I actually previously purchased a bag of Caramel loose leaf tea but I haven’t tried it yet because i’m looking for the perfect tea siv but now I’m eager to taste it!  The service was so lovely and proper including the waiter putting the napkin on our laps.  We next were served a selection of tea sandwiches- egg&mayo, tuna, salmon, cucumber and a chicken roll.  

After our sandwiches, we were served a three tier selection of desserts and savory canapes.  I was surprised to see such a selection for a set tea.  Even more surprising, refills were unlimited!  This meant more of anything we wanted all included in our fixed tea price.  I really enjoyed seeing the adaptations of the Summer/Spring collections into food.  Every six months the venue changes the desserts to comply with the fashion season.  

With our tea, we 
decided it would be most appropriate to dress for the occasion.  I purchased a vintage cream and gold horizontal striped dress from a vintage shop on Brick Lane.  There was a large selection of vintage shops and other fun venues- definitely one of the best markets I’ve been to so far.  I also was able to pick up a hat from another shop.  I was really on the hunt for a fascinator but they tend to be quite pricy so when I found a hat for  £12, I jumped at the deal.  I ended up cutting the decoration part off of the actual hat and then re-sewing the pieces that I wanted for my fascinator and then bobby pinned it into my hair.  Unfortunately, I did not have all my resources readily available, (i.e. feathers, hot glue gun…) but I was able to concoct a decent looking piece I would say.  

I really had a lovely afternoon and highly suggest fashion tea at the Berkeley, just don’t forget your reservations. The price is a little high for regular tea but perfect for a treat.  


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