London Bound!

Onto the second leg of my journey abroad— London! With my Dublin days in the past, I am currently located in South Kensington (possibly the most expensive area in Europe), FIE has placed us in Metro Gate. With only five weeks ahead of me there are so many things that I immediately put on my calendar. A trip to Bath and Stonehenge, at the top of my list.

I booked a day trip with a friend to tour the Roman Baths, Stonehenge and to visit the Salisbury Cathedral. With just two hours explore the Baths; I was transported back to the age of the Roman’s. The baths transformed into a luxurious spa retreat where religion and relaxation were held above all else. It was a place to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva, to whom the Baths were dedicated. The head of the goddess is on display there today. Discovered in 1727, the gilt bronze sculpture provided much incite to the beliefs of the spring’s natural healing powers. The head is believed to be from a cult statue, which would have stood gazing out across the temple courtyard besides the sacred spring. This fascinating site is a must see, an ancient version of a modern day spa.

Roman Baths

Stonehenge was our next destination. The incredible layout and sheer awe make visiting Stonehenge well worth it. The self-guided audio tour offers explanations for the origins of the rocks and provided plausible reasons for the structure. One theory is that the stones stand to represent mathematical and astronomical observation. With the sun setting and rising in specific places specific times throughout the year giving the notion that time was of the essence. Another theory is that the grand stature of the site was meant to intimidate and impress traders. The sheer fascination of the structure lies in its construction. The circle is comprised of Bluestones and Sarsen stones. These stones weigh astronomical weights and would have taken over thirty million hours of labor to construct.  It is believed that dirt mounds were build to transport the top stone to lie across its two supports.

Salisbury Cathedral Courtyard
Lastly was Salisbury. This enchanting area was gorgeous. We walked around admiring the architecture of some of the oldest Tudors built. The cathedral itself, although under construction, was impressive. Over 750 years old, the cathedral has had tons of visitors to worship and seek inspiration. The original Manga Carta is also located inside the structure boasting, Britain’s tallest spire.  The day featured three very unique historical sites, all beautiful in their own way. 

Inside the Cathedral


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