Mmm, mmm, good.

I once was in a world where I could grab a cloud in my hand, throw it around and watch it float slowly back into the air. I once was in a world where I was lost in colors, textures, sounds, and space. I once was in a world where superheroes were frozen in time. I once was in a world where drag queens, druggies, models, and rich snobs melted into one being creating one thing, art. This may seem like an acid trip to most, but this was beyond a psychedelic reality.
“Popular, transient, expendable, low cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous, big business.” – British artist Richard Hamilton used this shopping list of adjectives to describe what he coined as “Pop” art. I experienced the whole list on a visit to the Warhol Museum, located in Pittsburgh, PA.
Every floor of this museum was dedicated to a different aspect of Andy’s life showcasing the varied media he used throughout his artwork. When entering the museum I was told begin my journey on my first floor, then go to the very top level and work my way down.
The first floor was devoted to the beginning of Warhol’s life and the start of his career. When entering the room, you are to begin on the right hand side working your around the rectangular layout. Words such as pop artist, entrepreneur and innovator were randomly placed all over the large white walls, used to identify Warhol.
Continuing to the upper level, you are immersed into a comic book world created by Alex Ross. Portraits and action shots of superheroes line the brightly colored red walls dragging you into a deeper understanding of each individual. Paintings, drawings, and sketches of Ross’s progression throughout his life fill the room making it feel more intimate than most. The movement  makes you feel that you are traveling through an endless comic strip. Although the pictures are serious in artistic nature, there is a  sense of youthfulness that bleeds from every painting, screen print, or sketch. As you leave the room the last thing you see is a cartoon drawing of Andy Warhol flying through clouds superhero-style.
Every room throughout this museum allows you to interact with different media and viewpoints of art. One level is strictly devoted to Warhol’s movies, screen plays, interviews, and television shows, while another floor is dedicated to spatial installments. Warning: In case of a blown mind due to art, make sure you are a few feet away to prevent goo from splashing on that work. Correction, in case of a blown mind due to art make sure you are close to the work to allow goo to add to the artistic element it possesses. Who is to judge what pop art is?

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