The Pomp

The pompadour— named for Madame de Pompadour of the 18th century – is making a huge comeback. Its last resurgence appeared in the 1950s and 60s and was best rocked by icons James Dean and Elvis Presley. Traditionally a men’s hairstyle, the pompadour features hair tufted at the crown while remaining streamlined on either side. This hairstyle within the past few years has become a major statement and can be seen at its best on artist Janelle Monae, who has successfully trademarked the style for herself. A clear indication of its hype can be witnessed when searching Google images “pompadour hairstyle.” The number of current pictures are evenly divided with those of the 50s, reflecting just how influential the style is.

Studio Moko, located in Old City recognized this need for The Pomp, as it is now poshly called, and launched an event to herald its comeback recently.  Moko styled models that rocked the hairstyle, and attendees joined for an intimate event over cocktails. The windows of the salon featured images of old icons strung together with pops of color to catch the eye. It was a great celebration of past and current culture, an over all fun way to pay tribute to the originator herself. 
Window Design by: 
Amy Bottie Hildenberger

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