15 minutes of critic fame.

That golden time has come and gone and is now swimming aimlessly throughout the most searched topics on the web. From ‘sexy and sultry’ to ‘frumpy and what the hell were they seeing when they looked in the mirror,’ photos are flooding news feeds all over. Everything from celebs to even the bugs on the red carpet were being criticized for what they were wearing so I thought I’d say forget what the critics say and listen to what Amanda Rodriguez has to say. This is an article I’d like to call 15 minutes of critic fame where I’ll showcase the most fab and burn your eyes with the most drab.
STONE fox:
Emma Stone wore a breath-taking color blocked plum and raspberry Lanvin gown which complimented her pale milky skin wonderfully. Both the perfect mixture of edgy and elegant, with the dramatic eye and simple updo, this goofy clutz was nothing short of a fashion goddess.

Blue Ringer:

What do you get when you throw watercolors on a poorly draped table cloth? That’s right, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dress. This dress was anything but flattering for this un-aging beaut. From hair to make-up I give this all thumbs down, but I do give thumbs up to her for wearing the dress her two-year-old daughter picked out. Sweet mother but there is a time to say no.


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