Philanthropy In The Industry

Philanthropy.   A word rarely associated with the fashion industry or its partakers, but Tory Burch has proven otherwise.  A native from Pennsylvania, she has become a model business woman in her philanthropic approach to running her business and supporting the lives of individuals who share her same dream.

I was surprised to hear that this amazing designer took the time to offer guidance and support to women across America, who are trying to start up businesses to provide for their families.  Burch’s outlook is to give resources to exceptional individuals that don’t have access to it and teaching them about finances and skills to run a business.  It is more about investing in the hope of the American, rather than throwing out money to people that might not know how to use it or spend it.  She is creating job opportunities that are declining in a time of economic disarray.

Her efforts can be praised, as she is supporting a new generation, like myself, that looks for social responsibility and patronage in companies and corporations.  But why wouldn’t you want to share your knowledge and expertise?  Wisdom is meant to be passed along, so that our world can mature and advance to bigger and better things.  Like Burch, I don’t see it as creating competition, but a way to reward others and yourself for your personal achievements.

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