There Can Never be Enough Color on Your Wrists

By Tatiana Beckman

My wrists are never naked. Over the winter break I did some holiday shopping for myself and family and no matter where I went I was always distracted by bracelets. I love finding bracelets with pops of color and unique styles. When we find something unique, many of us say, “Oh, I can make that!” and walk away from the usually over-priced piece of jewelry. Although I have given in on a few things myself, I also stuck to my word and made some bracelets of my own. I bought string, links and clasps from AC Moore and searched for a little inspiration. I love the idea of mixing materials because it adds fun and sophistication into one accessory. You can wear all the pieces at once or layer them with a charm bracelet and watch. There is nothing boring about layering bracelets, rings or any jewelery, and every piece you buy and stylize will be unique. Just remember when you say you can make it, you really can, so stop spending $20 on friendship bracelets when a pack of string costs $4. 


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