TOMS – How much is too much?

I had to reevaluate my opinion of TOMS shoes recently, when their latest catalog came in the mail. It was that feeling a hipster gets when their favorite indie band hits the top of the Billboard charts – or so I imagine.
From apparel, to youth footwear, a glitter and corduroy line …even eyewear?
You’re killin’ me TOMS.
I get it, I get it – one for one.
But the whole “We give sight for every sunglass purchase” angle is pushing it, and the endless promotional emails are forcing me to resent you almost as much as Groupon.
Thus, I am forced to pose the question – How much is too much?
When a company experiences success, should they continue to expand product lines and assortment, saturating the market and hitting the consumer over the head with what made them big? Or should they maintain their business model, allowing for gradual increase in profits, rather than peaks and valleys? After experiencing success, it is difficult for anyone to restrain a concept instead of running with it. However, in the case of TOMS, the latter option may have been more desirable. The “One For One” driven company has lost their exclusivity and are devaluing their product. That is, in my eyes anyway.
My interest is waning after seeing TOMS hoodies and babies in pink glittery cordones on the streets almost daily.

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