Woody’s Bar and Restaurant

By Patrick Bartscherer

Known around the city as Philly’s “Gay Mecca” club, Woody’s Bar and Restaurant has served the LGBT community since it opened in 1980. Located in what is known as Philadelphia’s “Gayborhood,” the nightclub attracts men and women of all ages with their themed nights such as college night on Wednesdays, which appeals to the underage crowd, as well as line dancing night where everyone can feel like a cowboy (or cowgirl!). Woody’s has made several transformations and renovations since the opening, but a recent total overhaul has brought Woody’s to a higher standard.

The first major change in Woody’s appearance is the first floor lounge that the owners aptly call the “The Pub.” Originally, the downstairs portion of Woody’s consisted of two dimly lit rooms with old carpeting that attracted an older more “experienced” crowd. A dingy bar countertop circled around the original beer taps that leaked more beer then they served. Now, over 32 draft beers are on tap from Irish microbreweries to national favorites; the Pub has something for everyone. Floor to ceiling windows span the wall facing the street and bright LED TVs wrap around the enormous bar and young bartenders serve up pint-sized cocktails to a trendier city going crowd.
“The Pub” – Photo courtesy of Woody’s 
Woody’s has also stepped up their game when it comes to their nightclub located on the second floor. Modeled after top New York City clubs, the owners have revamped their sound and lighting system in order to attract a consistently larger crowd. A visual equalizer lines the walls and lights up the massive hardwood dance floor. The bars have been replaced with elegant granite countertops and CO2 fog cannons keep dancers cool throughout the night.
The Club – Photo courtesy of Woody’s
From a worn down tavern to a two-story mega nightclub, Woody’s Bar and Restaurant has become a must for any Philadelphia resident looking to forget about the busy workweek and let off some steam dancing the night away. Their long list of tasty beers will impress even the snobbiest of beer connoisseurs, and the new dance floor area has enough pizzazz to keep visitors coming back for more. More information on Woody’s events can be found on their website at woodysbar.com.


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