A Wish Come True-Photo Shoots and Markers: Week Three

Week four is already starting tomorrow! This entire experience is moving along very quickly for me! Last week, I was asking for work and trying to find work in whichever department had something for me to do! But there were also new things to learn in the design department!

One of my co-workers, Shyla, a pattern maker taught me how to do markers. I had to search the style given to me and look at the breakdown of the components. Then I had to take each component number and look up the fabric and find out where it is located in the factory and the width at which it can be cut. From there I entered in all the numbers into the marker program and took the pattern pieces and efficiently placed them as tightly as possible. I had to write specific directions into the markers; for example, if it was a velour fabric, I had to specify the nap direction. From there I printed the markers, swatched each fabric component and stapled everything together, including the sketches for the style. For some reason, I have decided that I need to explain everything — sorry if you already know, but I feel like some people who may read this, might not exactly know this jargon!

Besides markers, I experienced my first photo shoot! It was a Team dance wear shoot with models who were in high school or older. All of the models were really nice, and very cooperative! There were ten of them, and most of them were returning models that the company hired for past photo shoots. My job was to get the shoes ready for each model– character shoes, tan or black gores, pedinis, etc. Another task that I had was to collect each outfit after it was photographed and tag it with a white card that noted its style number. This is important for costing and the various steps along the way, also so we do not lose it!

I spent a lot of the day on my feet and waiting on each model to get their hair and makeup done, but I really cannot complain! It was much more exciting than spreadsheets and definitely more entertaining to watch as Lisa, the designer, directed each model to do specific dancer poses. The one model is even a dancer for the Knicks dance team!

This is one of our models being adjusted in a pom style dress.

The rest of the week went well. Friday, there were only three other people in my department because every one else went to Chicago for the vendor show! I was kept really busy, running around dressing forms and pinning straps on styles that still needed strap placements so they could be sewn, and even making green cards for each style so they could be signed off. I even had to find out where a large number of styles were located on the floor to make sure they were moving along in production.

Week four should be very busy since I will be doing costing for all the costumes used in the photo shoot. I am sure I will learn something new, as well!

Hope everyone has a great week!



  1. I got to do my first photo shoot, too! It wasn't with a model though, it was just with a mannequin. Working with the clothing items on the mannequin was hard enough, I can't imagine what it was like with a model! I love that you're working with dance clothes. I danced for 16 years and seeing this picture makes me think of “Picture Day” that happened once a year for the program at the recital. It's funny to hear that the models are real dancers. Of course that makes sense, but I never would have thought of that factor before. Sounds like you're getting a really unique view in the fashion industry!

  2. Lisa, that is awesome to hear that you danced! I danced for a short while, but I love knowing that there is a possibility that different people actually wore some of the costumes that have been produced from A Wish Come True.

    Leanna, I will be working on a photo shoot on November 6, for the Australia/New Zealand collection. We produce a separate catalog for a woman who lives in Australia. There will be more more models and little girls! I have been told that it will be a crazy day!

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