Busy Week at QVC

This past week started out pretty slow, but sure picked up by the end of the week. Last Thursday and Friday were absolutely packed with pitches, photo shoots and tracking coverage of media placements that we have gotten. Although it seems like Spring is a long way away, especially with this terrible weather we’re having, the fact is that it will be here before we know it and that is why I have had to find products that we offer that match the colors of Pantone’s Spring forecast.

The colors of Spring include a lot of blues and greens with some yellow, red and lilac thrown in. I have been looking at makeup, jewelry and fashion items that go along with those colors. Mostly I have found basic pieces along with some more elaborate ones that incorporate a few of the colors mentioned all together. Mostly the blues and greens were easiest to find. The hardest color to match was the lilac. It is still early for us to be stocking Spring items and that is one of the reasons that it was difficult.

Along with the color pitch, I got to help with a real photo shoot, it was with a person, not a mannequin! The person was none other than Josie Maran, a makeup designer that QVC carries. Josie is also a model and an actress as well as a mother. (Her four month old daughter was there on set during the shoot, she even got in some of the pictures!) The shoot was for Philly Style Magazine’s Holiday cover. Because my department deals with beauty, we offered one of the studios for the magazine and photographer to use for the shoot. Although, I was not there for the entire thing, I got to see and touch the beautiful clothing that they had there for the shoot. There was a one of a kind Zac Posen dress that stood on its’ own! (When they were putting it into a trunk to leave, it took two people to contain it!) Other breathtaking pieces that were there, include a dress created for the Met Gala that no one wore to it, Dolce & Gabbanna, Prada and Balenciaga dresses. The shoes ranged from Christian Louboutins to Jimmy Choos. To say that I never thought that I would come in contact with these items at QVC is an understatement! It was a rare and very welcome opportunity for me.

Another amazing event that I got to experience was hearing Mike George, the CEO of QVC, speak in front of the whole Studio Park campus. QVC has just expanded to China and to celebrate that endeavor, there was an event with dancers and a Chinese dragon like the ones at Chinese New Year. We all got red t-shirts to remember the event by as well as cupcakes and green tea. It was great to see so many people that work at QVC all joined together at once to support the most recent endeavor of the company. Mike George told us of the significance of red for the Chinese people and how the dragons are for luck. To have both of those things at the celebration was to show how excited we are for China to be involved with QVC and to wish luck for the future success of the business.

Overall, this week was full of new things that I welcome with much enthusiasm. I feel lucky to be able to experience these things that I would have otherwise not thought possible. I definitely feel like a real member of the working world and I am thankful that no one day is the same as the next. I get a great mix of different things in my daily work day and that’s what keeps me wanting to go back for more! I never know what will be happening the following day, there may be designer clothing, a Chinese dragon or some other new adventure awaiting me.



  1. Thanks! It is fun to get to know different parts of the company and see what they're all about. I think that will definitely help me in the future and choosing where I ultimately want to end up.

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