Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

My co-op experience has been a bit of a wandering experience. As I have stated in previous posts, I’m a design and merchandising major who is working in two business and communication focused jobs. Before I began both of my internships, I was looking forward to venturing into new areas and honing in on my communication and marketing skills. But with this path that I am on, I have realized that I really liked the artistic and imaginative path that I was on before. My major has given me plenty of opportunities for creativity, whether it was using acrylic paints in my basic design courses, creating graphics and logos for my Computer Imaging classes, or writing about the fashion industry in my Survey of the Fashion Industry class, there was always room for self expression. Using my imagination and expressing a vision are skills that I miss using.
My friend recently commended me for realizing that I am not a “desk job” kind of girl. And although I love to write which requires sitting at a computer, I am not one to stare at a monitor for hours and answer emails, crunch numbers, do research, or analyze data. I am a creative girl. I enjoy painting, drawing, looking for inspiration, listening to music as I work, and creating work that represents my thoughts and ideas.
Now this may not seem like a significant statement, but it is actually. I have felt a bit lost recently and admitting that the “safe” route of a corporate and structured job is not for me is a huge step. Pursuing a creative path does not ensure a paycheck, stability, or success; in fact I believe it is one of the most difficult areas to go after. It takes courage and complete faith in your talents and abilities. And looking back, maybe that’s why I chose to pursue such business-orientated positions, because I thought it would ensure stability. As I wandered into these new areas, I have learned a lot about marketing, sales, event planning, and general business practices. Most importantly though, I learned what I do and do not like.
In conclusion, I am more sure than I ever was before that I want to start my own magazine one day. I know that nothing else is going to make me as happy as expressing my optimistic thoughts and ideas in the form of a fashion magazine to share with millions of women. And although I am still wandering, and probably always will be a bit in life, I know which direction my life needs to take and that is a priceless lesson that only work experience can teach a person. 


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  1. I think it's always good to self-reflect and change! You'll grow & reach your best path that way! 🙂

    I can relate to the phrase. One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new country or area, is go for a long walk, maybe jog.. often times I get lost but along the way I discover exciting things I wouldn't have found without being lost.. wandering.

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