A Wish Come True- Photo Shoots and Cocktail Parties

Hello everyone! It’s almost the end of fall term! This one has really flown by!

This week at A Wish Come True there was a photo shoot on Tuesday for the Australia/New Zealand catalogue. There were about eighteen models; two of which were males. The girls had on anything from ballet to lyrical. One little girl had to model an Annie costume with a little red curly wig on! She was absolutely adorable! My job was the same as the last photo shoot: I got the shoes for the girls ready and tagged all the costumes that were done being photographed. 
Even though there were more models at this shoot, it actually went much faster than the last one did! We were scheduled to continue on until almost 5 and we ended at 3:30. I was warned that this photo shoot would take much longer and be a lot crazier because of all the little girls. It actually ended up going really well! The eight to ten year old girls are little adults! I heard one asking the other if she had Instagram– not to mention she had her iPod touch that she was streaming videos from! I just could not believe how grown up these little girls were.

This photo shoot did determine for me that every little girl should wear a tutu. They look like little princesses and it is completely adorable!

The next day, I helped set up the booth in the photo shoot room. The booth expands to fit the entire space. It is what the company takes to trade shows and sets up. We had to attach the lights, side coverings, and expand the pop-up sign. I also had to make sure each costume matched up to the order in the catalogue. When we were done, I was shocked by how large the booth actually was!

This is the finished booth.

The booth was set up for the exclusive cocktail party that was being held for clients on Thursday and Friday. Renee, the head graphic design and marketing coordinator, planned the entire event. There were little gift bags and finger sandwiches, along with cocktails, for the clients. They went on a tour of the factory and models tried on the costumes they wanted to see. It was very nicely organized and interesting to peek in on.

I am interested in seeing what this week holds in store for me– hopefully it will be just as exciting as the last!
In the meantime, try to keep warm and have a good week!

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