The Holidays are Here

Although it seems like we just barely cleared all the candy out of our homes from Halloween, we must face the fact that the Holidays are quickly approaching. In the fashion world, the holiday look books and catalogs were being finished during the Summer time and now we are working on February and March issues, but even though we work far in advance, that doesn’t mean that we leave the stress and craziness behind us! At QVC we want to make sure that everyone will be looking to us as the one stop shop for all of their holiday needs. In the look book we sent out months ago, we tried to provide options for everyone in a customer’s life, gifts for mom, gifts for a fashionista, gifts for someone that’s hard to buy for, etc.

Yesterday we had our monthly PR meeting where we went over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although we have our look books out there already, that is for our media clients, but we are also trying to pitch to the everyday person before it gets too late. QVC has a great platform in that it is on TV and online. We talked about how through working here, we get pretty obsessed with the products we offer and can’t seem to think as if we were regular customers anymore. One of the great things about QVC though is that there is literally everything from electronics to makeup and even electronic makeup (there is a heated eyelash curler that I have my eye on!)

Right now I have a pile of product on my desk and in boxes next to it that are waiting to be sent out for a beauty mailing. Last week, I had about 15 boxes to be sent out with perfume samples and the UPS site was down, so that was fun having to wait on that and make sure that they all went out by the end of the day. I’m still getting shipment notifications that they were undeliverable due to weather. This particular mailing that should be finished up some time this week is a great combo of makeup and fashion products. There is a great cashmere snood that might just make its’ way to my Christmas list.

Some of the samples on my desk.

Last week, when I went to help out with the photo shoot (this is now my weekly Wednesday job) I saw a beautiful cashmere wrap that I couldn’t help but touch every time I walked by. Sometimes I question whether or not is good to be working with so many nice things! Not to mention that in order to get to the photo studio, I have to walk past the kitchens where they prepare all the food for the on-air specials! Luckily, those things cannot be eaten because they use special non edible ingredients to make the food look the way it does on TV. (Another fun fact that I’ve picked up on from working here!)


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