Polished Facebook Photo

With my role at Polished for Pennies switching from Web Design, which I normally do from home to a more hands-on, involved role with the whole P4P team, I haven’t had much design work to do. Until the new Polished for Pennies site goes live, I don’t want to give any details away about the design of the site I created. However, I can show you this Facebook cover photo I created a few weeks ago, that will be used to tease the new site!

    This photo is so P4P. It has pop, it is inviting, and it is stylish. It features the creator, Vittoria Woodill and the shiny logo that represents P4P so perfectly. I used Photoshop to match the colors of Vittoria’s lips and clothes to the colors in the theme of the site. Vittoria really wanted to use this photo of herself, but I struggled at first because her elbow is cropped out. After much deliberation back and forth, as well as input from the whole P4P team, we finally decided that the placement of the logo in the center not only resolves the elbow issue, but creates a stamp in people’s minds of what is Polished for Pennies.
     The tagline truly sums up what Polished for Pennies stands for and lives everyday. On a recent shopping excursion with Vittoria, she found me a Hilary Radley coat that retailed for $170, for only $18.99! I have a huge smile on my face every time I put that coat on, because not only is it polished and gorgeous, but it was a steal. I love having that little secret in the back of my head while walking around looking like a million bucks!

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