Hot Pot

        “HOT POT”
A traditional Hong Kong meal, Hot Pot. The group above is employees from various designers and fashion companies, who all use to work at Tungtex. They get together every two months for a big dinner. ‘Hot Pot’ is typically one or two large pots flavored soup. We had chicken and spicy flavored pots. The rest of the ingredients are served to the table uncooked: meats, seafood, tofu, vegetables, and noodles. The guests (us) add the ingredients to the each pot and cook to individual taste or for the group.  The meal last for about three hours with several types of the food groups brought to the table until you can’t eat anymore!
Honestly, it was the most challenging meal I have ever had. All of the meats and seafood are foreign to me. Especially seeing the food before it is cooked is tougher for me to enjoy. I typically don’t eat meat but I like to try new things so this night I attempted to go on all in and try everything! I thought it was the best night to do so because I was with my friend from work, Naomi (the right of me) and she helped explain what the items were that I was unsure of. Overall it wasn’t my cup of tea J. But I’m glad I tried it and I had a lot of fun with the group. Hot Pot is very popular in Hong Kong among the locals and they really enjoy it. I like the fact that they stay connected to each other and go out for a big meal to spend time together. A night I will always remember!
This was my favorite part of the meal for me! (above) It is called ‘tong yeun’, it is a sweet dough with filling and rolled in coconut. This one was mango flavored.
Xx Christa

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