In celebration of creating a new collection at Bonsai. The factory owner, Moses, took out a large group from Bonsai, Louise, Chi – Louise’s friend and assistant, and I out for ‘hot pot’. Once again – hot pot! I was nervous because my first experience was difficult. But this time.. it was one of the best meals I have ever had! We left the factory about 6pm, got into the van with Moses, the driver, Louise, Chi, a German guy (not sure his connection with all of us, other than he does business with Moses) and myself. Quite an interesting group of people. We drove for over an hour until we arrived at the restaurant. Where Moses rented an entire room for us. We were about a group of 30 people. Some starting smoking cigars and playing cards. Louise, Chi and I sat at the table and chatted.
For this ‘hot pot’ we had individual pots. The dinner started with Japanese sake and a toast. We had wine with dinner and the food was outstanding. Lots of fresh seafood and vegetables – my kind of meal! We again, sat for a very long time while the food and wine continued to be served.

After the meal, we went to karaoke. Moses rented another private room for our party. This place was very fancy. You can see from below, the first two images are the entrance to this karaoke venue. When I was seen taking a few photos, I was asked to stop, not sure why. Karaoke is very popular in China and taken seriously. When someone offers to sing, we all payed attention and admired the singer. Not the karaoke I am use to. I did a song by Celine Dion and one by Kayne West with Louise. Hilarious but very fun! 


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