Inside the Factory

Alphine, the head of production, gave me a tour of Bonsai’s factory. To the left is a machine that stitches pieces of fabric together. For example, a sleeve with the body of a top. The circular part is lined with needles and set to a specific gage depending on end result.

Below this photo is some of the employees working on the machine. Face masks are worn to prevent spreading and catching germs. They are worn by many people in Hong Kong and China during everyday activities.

Below to the right is a threading machine. It spins the fibers of fabric into string and put onto a spool for sewing fabric.

Above, is a machine that creates fabric. It reads a pattern from a computer and the needles are manually set. This machine makes the fabric into the shape and size of the garment. So the fabric isn’t ever cut, only the pieces are sown together.


To the left is the oldest fabric making machine. It is the only one left at Bonsai. These machines have been replaced by the machine with the computer (as seen in the image above these two images). To the right and below on the left, is the dryers. Used when the garment is complete. The garment is washed, dried and then ironed (image on the right).

The garment is then inspected thoroughly for any defaults by a human. Then packed for shipping.


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