Fash Bash

Fash Bash
It’s award season, and there is nothing more exciting then getting to watch the new fashionable trends strut down the red carpet.  I don’t know which is better though, the actual award show or the Fashion Police television show on E! that picks apart the stars and their sometimes-outrageous style choices.  Now the starts have great fashion sense too, which the Fashion Police do not dare fail to mention, but the worst dressed nominees are always the best to watch get knocked, for their terrible choices and Joan Rivers is the Queen of hysterically criticizing the stars.
To start with the best is usually not the way to go, but in this case that is exactly what I am going to do.  It was agreed that Kate Hudson, Taylor Swift, Claire Danes and Hayden Panattiere were all dressed beautifully. Hudson in McQueen, Swift in Donna Karan, Danes in Versace and Panettiere in Cavali all did it right this award show.  Rivers dubbed Miss Taylor Swift the Best Dressed star at the 70th annual Golden Globes.  Now moving onto the worst dressed stars of the evening.  The Fashion Police each had their own idea of who was the worst according to their preferences, Lucy Liu in a Carolina Herrera ball gown, Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein, Halle Berry in Versace, and Lena Dunham in Zac Posen.  There was a toss up with Lucy Liu being a Best Dressed nominee, but Joan Rivers naming Jessica Chastain the worst dressed over ruled all the other nominees.  I would have to agree completely, although the color of the dress was beautiful with its turquoise blue hue, the silhouette made her boobs look saggy and very unflattering for her body. 

Being nominated as a worst dressed star is not wanted by anyone, so maybe next award show these stars should consider watching a Fashion Police re-run to get themselves up to date on trends that work.  Joan Rivers is not afraid to tell you how she really feels!


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