The L Word

          In the world of fashion, collaborations are constantly changing. Standing out from previous collaborations is what makes a collection memorable, which is easier said than done. However, the marriage of two iconic brands from across the ocean, Britain’s iconic florals and America’s class blue jeans, is a huge deal. The line will first be available at Liberty’s London shop in April before heading stateside in May on Levi’s website.
         This 15 piece collection, ranging in price from $90 to $200, combines an exclusively designed Liberty print with Levi’s denim, giving the capsule collection a fresh take on the floral denim trend that was seen everywhere last season. The arrangement of fabric pieces stitched on top of jeans and inside of vests and jackets allows for a more playful look which is a little easier to wear than a full-floral look. Be on the lookout for this collection, because it marks the first time Liberty has veered away from its signature tiny blossoms, instead creating what looks like a laser print in a white floral-dot pattern.


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