Trouser-less Travels

By: Ashley Whitlock

Ask any true fashionista out there, and she will tell you that New York City is the fashion capital of the world. At the forefront of style, glamour and innovation, New York City symbolizes American fashion. New York City is where everything in fashion is happening – and happening first.
    Depending on how you pose the question to said “fashionista,” she might also tell you that New York City is equally famous for being unconventional, in your face and downright crazy. To put it plainly, one should never be afraid to expect the unexpected.
    In one of my late night “I-really-don’t-want-to-start-my-homework-so-I-will-spend-my-time-trolling-facebook” sessions, I blindly stumbled upon the unexpected. I came across a photograph of my friends visiting the Big Apple…only they weren’t wearing pants. Not a typo – literally pantsless. As I bowed my head and began to question my faith in humanity, I noticed that other people in the picture were down to their skivvies too! “…Is this a thing?” I asked myself. Well ladies and gentlemen, as it turns out, this pantsless parade is indeed a “thing.” An annual “thing.”
    January 14th proved chillier than most for the New Yorkers who chose to ride the MTA subway in their undies. This “No Pants Subway Ride” drew thousands of people willing to strip down to their unmentionables, and left even more people scraping their jaws off the floor. “For what?” you ask. Some might express interest in a grand social experiment, while others probably just enjoy showing off their goods. Time Magazine says that this scandalous stunt has had New Yorkers stripping their pants for 12 consecutive years. In fact, this annual commando commute has since spread to 60 cities in 25 countries, on 5 continents.
    Whether you’re a high fashion model diva or just a “Plain Jane,” an important lesson can be learned from these brave New Yorkers. Toss those Granny Panties in the rubbish bin and buy yourself something sassy – you never know what the day will hold and you don’t want to get caught dead in ugly “tighty whities.”


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