Experience Translation

Before any significant event, it is always helpful to practice. Before a game, the team always practices. Before an exam, the student always studies. And before an internship, the young working professional seeks comfort in her experience as a sorority woman.
The last example may seem a bit odd but the greatest preparation I had before interning was the experience I gained with my sorority. Being a member of a sorority is a large commitment filled with diverse responsibilities. Not only does a member need to maintain a high GPA and complete a great amount of community service hours, but members are expected to participate in various areas of programming (you get out of it what you give to it of course). A sorority is just like a company. Weekly meetings, committees, working with the community, presentations, budgets, failures, and triumphs are all apart of the experience. It is a rewarding experience in which you find your best friends but the work and commitment involved is similar to having a part time job nonetheless.
            To show exactly what I am expressing, I put together the list below which translates my experience from working with my sorority to my experience with my internships this year.
           My advice to students seeking experience: join any school organization. Greek life has provided me with an abundance of opportunities but there are many other large clubs that can provide students with leadership experience. No matter your interest, get involved and make the most of it!

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