Time Keeps Flying By

I can hardly believe that two months from today will be the last day of my internship! I feel like just yesterday I was picking out what to wear for my first day of work and now all of a sudden, I’ve been here for four months already. I must say, a lot has happened and I definitely have learned a lot in these four months. At this point, I feel like I go in each day knowing what is expected of me and ready to tackle new projects.

This past week in particular, my team has been working on the Spring beauty mailing. A few months ago, I was packaging all of the winter products with a cashmere scarf and now I am packing bronzer and springy scented perfumes to be sent to editors and bloggers. Last week, we sent out about 40 of these gift packages to long lead editors (magazines and some newspapers), but today we focused on about 35 short lead writers (bloggers and weekly publications).

I have come up with a system where I unwrap each of the products, some came in a box and then wrapped in plastic; although it seems a simple task, it was actually quite tedious and an enemy to my manicure. After all of the products were free from their wrappings (there are 5 products in total), I started to pack them into the custom cosmetic cases that were made for this mailing. The bags are my favorite color, turquoise, with a white rope looking pattern. After each case was filled, I had to assemble the boxes that they will be shipped in. In the boxes, I put white crinkle paper and then wrapped the case in tissue paper. This task took me one full work day to complete.

It is most exciting to see who reacts to these mailings. Sometimes there will be no replies, but on some occasions, editors love what was sent to them and they ask for images and more information on the products. This is different than a pitch because after we send out a pitch, we wait for the editors or bloggers to request products, but with these mailings, once the products are in their hands it is easier for them to see, touch and smell the items which leads them to want to feature in their publications or sites.

My work station that I created in a blocked off corner of the office.


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