A Lot To Think About…

Hello! I can’t believe that it’s been almost a month here at Free People already.  With co-op winding down (around 6 weeks or so to go), I am really in denial about how much is happening.  It’s such a surreal experience.  I am trying to stay at Free People through May, depending on how picking classes goes.  However, I’m not sure what to do yet.  I should really come back and fully concentrate on studies once April gets here, but it is hard to pass up such a wonderful opportunity here.  I have met so many people already, and am learning so much every day.
It’s hard to try and find the balance between work and school sometimes.  I am working 40 hours a week right now, along with taking an online class.  There is very little free time for me during the week, so I try and make it count as best as I can.  Part of me wants to rejoice when the thought of April pops into my head – no co-op, back in classes more, and a little more normal.  However, working 40 hours a week IS normal for the average human being, and maybe challenging myself to work two days a week is a good way to keep my head from floating too far in the clouds.
Each day I come to work, I receive more responsibility.  This makes me feel really important and special here – something that is not always offered in an intern’s environment.  My bosses really treat me just like a co-worker.  They call me and give me directions, but we also crack up about Downton Abbey or something silly that a dog in the office did.  I know that I am seriously impacting the people that I am working with.  With our launches being twice a month, it’s a very stressful environment at times, and I’m not sure how they managed with only two people before me.  I know that I take a lot of pressure off of my bosses, which gives them more time to be creative.  It also gives us extra room between deadlines when I can get something done quickly.
It feels like the proper balance of fun and seriousness.  I have a lot of thinking to do before I decide what my class schedule is going to look like, and how I am going to try and fit everything nicely together in my schedule.
PS – Just a little look at what the inside of my office looks like.  So plain, right??


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