Les Halllllah at My Sunday

So this past week I’ve added a few more spots to my list of visited places. I’m not sure how many foodies are reading this but for those of you who enjoy a little Anthony Bourdain & “Noooooooo Reservations” on a week night, I visited his French restaurant, Les Halles (pronounced “lay-hall”),  for brunch last Sunday. If licking the plate were appropriate in public then it would have happened. (Not saying I didn’t partake in this when no one was looking)

            We had escargot as an appetizer followed by an insane eggs benedict with smoked salmon. These are two reasons I tell myself for why its okay to not be able to move for the rest of the afternoon. My dad was visiting and he and I have always been avid Food Network watchers so it was a nice way to catch up and spend a Sunday morning.

{Side-note for you caffeine injectorsYou can order your own miniature two-cup French press coffee with your meal if you so please!  (I am now in the process of hunting one down to grace my kitchen with at home)}

            Later, my dad and I went to the Capitals vs Rangers hockey game at Madison Square Garden. This was also a first for me. My family and I have been Capitals fans for years and usually go to the games in D.C. whenever I am home. Ever since I made plans to spend co-op in New York, my Dad and I have looked forward to seeing our team play the Rangers in the Garden. This was an interesting experience especially because we were rooting for an opposing team (while wearing their jerseys) while on another team’s turf. Lets just say I personally have not yet experienced so many bad looks coming from 40+ year old men in one day. 

I probably should have thought twice or six times before choosing a falafel “health” sandwich from a sporting venue as my dinner that evening but a girl was hungry and I did what I had to do. My dining piece of advise here would be to not…….

The Garden does have various other food options which you should definitely go for if you’re into meat–or sushi? (joke DO NOT EVEN) Although it didn’t look half bad.

The Caps lost by one point but either way I went into the evening with high energy just looking forward to spend it with my father bear. All in all, it was great to have finally visited the Garden and to have crossed off yet another thing on my NYC bucket list.     xx.

Spotted! Fashion tip: DKNY is a sponsor for the Rangers!

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