The Golden Orb

By Amanda Smith

After postponing his Monday night slot because of delivery issues, Marc Jacobs was one of the last people to show during this year’s New York Fashion Week. Held at the Lexington Avenue Armory, Marc Jacobs transformed this space into a lunar arena with stadium seating around a large circular stage. Models walked around the edge of the circle while an enormous orb or light hung from the ceiling at the opening where the models entered and exited the stage. The warm, heavy yellow light from the orb illuminated the whole armory giving the illusion of a sepia photograph, leaving some ambiguity as to the color of the garments.
            After the garments were seen in the yellow light, all 55 looks were sent out a second time in a regular light setting so that the true colors, small patterns, and metallic fabrics could be seen. The clothing was loungewear inspired, with luxurious fur and metallic elements on classic and tailored silhouettes. Each model wore a shaggy, dark shorthaired wig.
            The lighting for the show was inspired by the exhibit The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson at the Tate in London. It featured a large yellow sun projecting serene light onto mirrors covering the ceilings while people could lay on the floor to take in the full experience. Also as a Hurricane Sandy victim, Marc Jacobs had lost his home and wanted this collection to reflect comforting clothing and a homey style, shown in the pajama style shirting. Together the yellow lighting and the comfort clothing inspiration came together to create a mix of gloom yet optimism in the Fall/Winter 2013 collection.
            In Jacobs’ quest for comfort and the familiarity of home, he took his bow in his own pajamas, keeping in style with the show.

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