Webster Hall vs The Barclay Center

So I recently went to Webster Hall for a concert. This being my first show in NYC since I have moved here, I had somewhat high expectations. So when it comes to fashion in the sense of being fashionably late, I wouldn’t suggest this for a show at Webster Hall. We had heard that the doors opened at 7, so we left our apartment at 9:30 since it was only 20 blocks away, and ended up leaving the concert at 11:30. Regardless, this was yet another venue I had been wanting to step foot in and overall it was a great time.

A few days later, I made my mark on The Barclay Center to see Swedish House Mafia’s last show ever in New York City. I purchased these tickets back in September and although I was ecstatic upon purchasing them, I almost completely forgot about the event.

I had been running a little late to meet up with friends since I was coming from work, so I had to take a cab from my apartment to Brooklyn. $30 later, I made it just in time. So my piece of advice here is that if you can avoid taking cabs from Manhattan to Brooklyn, then do so because that one hurt my wallet.

Moving forward. Hands down this show was definitely better than the one I had seen at Webster. Maybe its because of the venue, different artist or the $5 waters…… I actually was hesitant towards going that night because when I bought my ticket I wasn’t aware that I was buying an actual seat—I figured it was general admission, so in this sitauation as well as all situations in life–be sure to read the fine print.

BUT if this happens to you, I’ll have you know that if you have friends in other sections you can borrow someone’s ticket and get in, they don’t scan them after you enter Barclay 🙂 that being said, my $50 nosebleed ticket somehow turned into a seat located in one of the front sections with my friends. My plan B would have been to enjoy the show alone anyways but I kept my fingers crossed and planned accordingly and this time it happened to work out.

The entertainment aspect was incredible. I definitely felt the difference between seeing a show elsewhere as opposed to seeing one in New York City. The energy was through the roof, literally. 

It was comforting and exciting to soak up the fact that I was 100% in my element, living in New York, 20 years old, interning at a publication I love and seeing an artist I love for the last time. This will be a night to remember and per usual, I end this post with only feelings of love love love for New York. xx.

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