Got juice?

For those of you who have picked up a magazine in the past six months, I’m sure you’re aware of this juice cleanse kick that everyone and their sister seems to be embracing. Since working at Harper’s, I too have joined the bandwagon and now consider myself an experienced addict. Especially now that a juice bar has opened right outside of my place of work. Anyone in the Columbus Circle area, if you haven’t already, NEEDS to make a visit to Juice Generation– better known as “Juice Gen”. In addition to the typical 3 day juice cleanse bottles, Juice Gen isn’t necessarily only meant for those who intend to not eat for 3 days-except for their 6 daily juices- they actually have a great selection of smoothies, acai bowls, salads, gluten-free breakfast muffins, sandwiches and various “raw” items. 

Everyone in my office (including myself) should have a juice IV hooked up to them, based off of the amount of people that go here for lunch.

This location is also a hot item during flu and cold season because they offer a Farmacy“. This is a separate menu that consists of different drinks that are served hot and have various health boosters in them such as Echineaca, ginger, zinc, green tea etc. I highly suggest picking up a “Cold Warrior” at your very first thought or sign of a sniffle! The ingredients are simple and are listed so that you can purchase them yourself should you want to make the drinks at home–which i do! Everyone at Bazaar swears by this and of course its sooo New York.

For those of you who can’t stand the thought of drinking a swamp in a cup for breakfast, never fear they have fruit juices as well as vegetable juices. My personal favorite is the “Hale to Kale” juice which is made of Watermelon, Apple, Kale, and lemon. It mostly tastes like apple juice with a kick of kale to get the morning going.
Juice Gen also offers fresh coconut water. So fresh that you pick out your own young Thai Coconut and pass it over to the baristas who open it and serve it to you either in a cup or straight from the coconut! 

If you’re not anywhere near Columbus Circle, Juice Gen also has locations throughout the city in: Upper West Side, Lincoln Square, Clinton, West Village, Greenwhich Village, Soho, Upper East Side and Lenox Hill.

Enjoy and happy juicing!! xx.


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