Florals Florals Everywhere

By Faith Stoveld

It is not revolutionary that florals are the popular for spring, but florals are being manipulated in some very interesting ways that are far from ordinary this year.
Traditional floral patterns have morphed into graphically enchanting figures, and paired with geometric shapes to add even more interest to the garments. Mission accomplished. Proenza Schouler created a jungle pattern to make up the skirt in the look above. To act as a balance, the designers have paired the exciting pattern with geometric shapes of complementary colors, making the look even more intriguing.
Mirroring prints on a garment has recently become a trend, and can be seen not only on the runway, but in affordable brands. Bottega Veneta uses the mirror effect to create two panels with floral accents on the side of the garment, and by doing that creates a whimsical pattern in the center of the piece. The mirroring effect adds interest to the garment and also compliments the form of a woman.
            It is safe to say that although florals are in fact “in” this spring,  they have never been seen like this before.

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