Escaping the City

Now that the weather has begun to get warmer, or at least it was this past weekend, I have found myself wanting to spend more and more time outside. That being said, on Friday I was looking for something new to do in New York City. When a friend of a friend offered free NY Mets vs. Phillies baseball tickets, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Friday night.

I highly recommend anyone visiting or living in NYC to attend a Mets baseball game. While it is not a Yankees game, it is still a great baseball park and lots of fun. I spent the night chatting with friends, watching the game and eating as many hotdogs as possible. Things in NYC can get crazy and overwhelming so this was a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy time with friends.    

Since Saturday turned out to be such a beautiful day, a friend and I decided to buy a Frisbee and make our way to Central Park. We took the 2 train out there (with the help of HopStop) and made a day of it. We played Frisbee, relaxed and did a bit of people watching.  I had visited Central Park before but I had never taken the time to walk around and really enjoy the park. While the park is crowded on the weekends, it is still a great way to escape city life. 

I plan on spending my weekends sunning in Central Park and attending more NY baseball games.


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