Things I’ve been thinking of….

Last week was yet another great week in Building 25 (the Free People building at the Naval Yard). I completed some on going projects, learned to set up product placements, and continued to track Free People features. Friday was a beautiful day, with a wonderful lunch enjoyed outside. Another fun part of Friday was the presence of Marley sitting at my feet all day (pictured below). I would love to get a dog but unfortunately can’t make that investment right now. Hopefully some day soon!
I get to work each day by driving. Initially I was worried that this would be a drag and I’d get stuck in traffic everyday, but luckily, I somehow have managed to avoid any major backups (knock on wood). I find my drive to and from work to be peaceful. A nice 15-20 minutes where I can clear my mind. I listen to music, and open the windows, and enjoy having some down time to myself each day.
So we all know one of the best benefits of working for a retailer is the discount. This creates a dangerous habit of spending a good portion of each paycheck on clothing. Trying to justify everything as if you’re saving money since it is discounted is something I’m sure we have all done. And of course, we want so many things since we are exposed to so many products everyday. I’m no exception to this, and when I receive my second paycheck this week I will be making a nice hefty purchase from FP. I deserve it, right?


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