NYC Recommendations

This past Saturday my friend and I decided to spend the afternoon shopping in Soho. I hadn’t been there in a while so I decided that it was essential that I make my way down there. We took the NQR train to Prince St. which was a quick and easy trip.

We spent the afternoon exploring small boutiques and occasionally making our way into the crowded tourist infested chain stores. While Soho is a very nice area full of unique shops and one of a kind restaurants, it is best that locals avoid the main streets. I walked right out after seeing the checkout lines in a few of the stores.

After shopping we made our way back to my apartment to get ready for dinner. After a great deal of searching on my part I ended up choosing a restaurant that I had been to before, Penelope’s. Penelope’s is a cute little restaurant located in Midtown that reminds me a lot of Sabrina’s at Drexel. Penelope’s has a rustic vibe with amazing food. If you’re looking for a tasty reasonably priced meal in NYC Penelope’s is a great choice!


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