Last Tuesday we had a company wide quarterly meeting. This is exactly what it sounds like—everyone in the company attends to review the previous quarter. We all gathered in the lobby of Building 25 where bleachers and benches were lined up for the occasion. First to speak was the president of the company, followed by several department heads. They shared with everyone how the last quarter was and how much growth we have had. After this, there was a fashion show with real FP girls (store stylists and a few real customers) wearing clothes they styled themselves and some of our best sellers. The whole meeting was a great experience. I loved hearing from some of the higher up people in the company talk about their views and ideas. It was a great way to make the company feel like a big family. The theme of the meeting was “What inspires you?” and the entire experience certainly was inspirational. At the end of the fashion show, balloons fell from the ceiling. We had all written what inspires us on a balloon the week before so it rained down with inspirational thoughts, literally. After the meeting the balloons were put on a wall to create an inspiration wall, which is pictured below.
So, what inspires me? The meeting got me thinking. What I wrote on my balloon was, “family, friends, and nice weather.” All of those do inspire me to be positive, and move forward in life. All three things remind me that happiness is important and therefore inspire me to achieve happiness through whatever I am doing. In addition to these things, this job has been very inspirational. On a fashion front, I love seeing everyone in the office get creative with styling. I’m constantly noting cool things that I’d love to try pairing together with pieces in my own closet. Looking past inspirational fashion, everyone in the office seems to love their job and what they are doing. Every single person I’ve met has been positive in attitude and supportive in working as a team. This is truly inspirational. 


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