Lost in the moment!

This city can be so obnoxious at times that it forgets to welcome the people who keeps it thriving.  The little people like us  from the small cities with big hearts.  Our original plan was to go to Brooklyn to this diner that was featured on “Diners Drive-ins and Dives”.  but the city was being stubborn and decided that wasn’t what it had in store for us.   Unfortunately “we out of towners” did not know what a sneak Bitch she “the city” could be.  Therefore we blew two hours trying to configure another way to get to Williamsburg, Brooklyn without using the L train, which is a major direct route to our initial destination.  Our persistence with finding another route only resulted to being even more lost.  Although we were lost, it was a good lost…. the lost that kept us still while everyone around us was moving at a rapid pace. We ended up walking the streets of Soho blowing down a sweet cigar that put out sour unhealthy chemicals into the air but who cares its New York.

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