I was extremely excited for a new city and new experiences when I moved to New York, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t lonely and homesick the first month or so. Moving to a city this big has its downfalls. I learned that it really does take a while to fully adjust to your surroundings and feel comfortable wandering around the city alone. I’m not sure if it is the warm weather lately or the start of a new month but I am finally feeling like I belong here.

Working two jobs 5 days a week has made it hard to find time during the week to get to know the city. While my weekends are free, anyone who has been on co-op or is employed full-time knows just how fast the weekends fly by. With the start of the summer I find myself waking up early on weekends, attending Yankees games and trying out new subway lines.

I finally go to the same grocery store and drugstore every week, I have a go-to restaurant and a favorite seamless sushi place.  While it is extremely important to try new things, I have also discovered that it is just as important to find things and places you really enjoy.  

This past Saturday I went to my first Yankees game (I seem to be visitng every baseball stadium this summer-Fenway, Citi field and now Yankees stadium). I highly recommend anyone visiting or living in NY to attend a Yankees game. The fans are intense, the food is great and the stadium really is amazing. Definitely a summer must. 


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