"Dope Past, Present and Future "

Even in environments where we turn ourselves down we always manage to appear  “Turnt up”.   A peaceful play in the park was just what I needed for the weekend with my family.   It was a quiet moment that spoke louder than others could hear.  The movement of the wind was a way of the nature welcoming us into its environment.  We walked a new path that was created to bring visitors closer to the lake.  In retrospect that path to the lake ended up having multiple meanings, a pun to my life.  
Today I am resigning from my position as an intern.  Part of me feels like there was no wind to welcome me here.  I felt like I was dragged to the pond, I swam a little bit, and was thrown out by the big fish.  As I continue to reflect about that walk to the pond with my family I realized that just because that path was created so that we can have a direct path to that lake doesn’t mean that was the only path we had to use.  In life we create our own paths and bring light to our own surroundings.  Although I am resigning, I have faith that better things will happen for me.  It has been long over due and when I initially arrived here I could feel the staleness of the air.  My time here was brief like the walk in the park but thoroughly understood and needed.  


  1. Such a beautiful post, Rachel. I really get a sense in your words that though this is a stressful decision that now you have a piece of mind about having made it. You never fail to surprise me in the best of ways

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