Summer Flea Market

This past weekend I decided to make my way to the Brooklyn Flea Market. I had wanted to go for the longest time and finally found the time to get out there. It really is a quick trip- I took the A line to the L, it ended up only taking around 25 minutes to get there. After getting off the subway it’s a quick walk.

While the actual flea market was a lot smaller than I had thought it would be, it was still full of talented artists and vintage collectors. I had a great day browsing the vendors and indulging in some of the amazing food they had available. I couldn’t resist having an egg burrito filled with hasbrowns and a Kelvin slushie to top it all off. I highly recommend visiting the flea market- it is a great day activity to do with out of town friends or just to find a change of pace from Manhattan. On the way back we chose to take the east river back to Manhattan. I personally love boats so this was a great alternative to taking the subway. Overall it was a great day for the Brooklyn Flea Market.


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