John Lennon Wall & Vysehrad

Today was a pretty “tourist-y” day in Prague, but you know what, I am a tourist.  With that said, I had a lot of fun today going to two very important landmarks in the Czech Republic.
First, I started off my morning by heading over to the John Lennon Wall to leave my mark forever.  (Actually, only until someone decides to paint over it…).  If you have never heard of the John Lennon Wall, it is a major symbol of youth, inspiration, and freedom.  This wall houses the symbolic tomb of John Lennon, a former member of The Beatles.  Basically, it started when young people would come to the wall at night to graffiti or paint inspirational quotes, symbols, and usually Beatles lyrics.  Every morning the guards would come around and paint over all of the artwork.  Needless to say, this did not stop the artists.  Every night more beautiful work would appear on the wall and eventually it was too much to continue to cover.  The wall now is a great place for people to remember John Lennon and what The Beatles have done for the world.  My uncle is a huge fan of The Beatles and has always collected their memorabilia.  I thought it was only right to leave a message for him on the wall.  This wall is a really cool thing to experience and it is almost impossible to travel to Prague without making an effort to see it.
The message I left for my uncle on the John Lennon Wall.

Some Drexel students and I at the Wall.

Later in the day, during my photography class, we traveled across town to the Vysehrad Cemetery.  It was one of the most breath taking and interesting places I have ever been.  Our assignment was to just walk around and shoot photos for a little over an hour to come up with six or seven really good images.  I was overwhelmed at first because there is so much to look at and focus on in a place like this.  I tried to just dive right in and found that I was learning a lot about my camera while I was experimenting, and I was also closely admiring the little details of the cemetery.  The Czech’s have a lot of history in this particular cemetery, as there are a lot of historical writers, poets, artists, composers, etc.  It was a lot to take in but I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the Czech Republic.  Plus, how cool is it to be able to go to such an amazing place for class?  I am certainly not complaining and I am looking forward to more unique experiences in our upcoming class sessions!
Part of the cemetery at Vysehrad.  (My pictures do no justice for this place).

A photo I like from my photography assignment.


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