My Return to Rome

This past weekend, while many people went to Vienna, I headed down to re-visit my favorite city, Roma! Luckily, it was easy to convince Courtney to join me, so the two of us spent a lovely 4 days and three nights in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

On thursday we flew in, landing around three and making our way to the city and eventually our apartment by seven or so. After a long day of travel and heat, we opted for a local meal in the part of town we were staying–Trastevere. This part of town is filled with young locals, street performers, and countless resturants, bars, and cafes. Our meal was delicious, as expected, and we headed to bed in preparation for a full day ahead.

A full day, indeed. Starting with breakfast at a small cafe, consisting of a cappuccino and pastry (chocolate filled, of course), we then headed to our first stop, which is probably the city’s most iconic–The Colosseum. As mentioned, I have been to Rome before, but it was about 4 years ago. Seeing everything for the second time was just as amazing. Everything was even more beautiful than I remembered. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona were our big stops for the day, but even the walk through the city to get to each place was filled with sites that you can’t see anywhere else.

The next day we visited the Castle of St Angelo and the Vatican. The highlight for me was the view from the top of the Castle, simply breathtaking. Then we enjoyed another night of roaming around Trastevere, filled with people watching and gelato eating. 

The entire trip was wonderful, despite being fairly short. I know Rome will always be a city I look forward to revisiting, because it really is beautiful in every sense. The best part of it all is even though we had to leave Rome, we are still in Prague for two more weeks! Theres a lot more to do here and I’m looking forward to everything else there is to discover.

Happy travels, everyone!



  1. It sounds like you girls had a great weekend too! I have never been to Rome and am dying to go. There is so much to do and, from what I have read and heard, it seems like you two made the most of your trip. Are you happy to be back in Prague or do you wish you were still in Rome? We, the Vienna-goers, found it funny that when we returned to Prague we felt like we were coming back home. It's only been three weeks but it seems like everyone is pretty comfortable here now!

  2. It's great that you are really taking advantage of your time in Europe! It truly is amazing how easy it is to travel to different places once you are there. I have been to Rome and just looking at your pictures makes me wish that I was back there. It also seems that you are enjoying the food abroad! I know even being in NYC I find myself eating out as much as possible just so I can try new things. Are you going to be traveling anywhere else during the time that you have left in Europe?

  3. It was definitely sad leaving Rome, I wish we had more time. But I agree, Prague does seem like home even after such a short amount of time. We were talking about that in the airport, leaving vacation in Rome to return to a few more weeks in Prague–not bad!

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