Visit to Philly

On my way to good ol Philadelphia for my first venture out of New England this summer. I’m excited but it hasn’t hit me yet, I don’t think it will until I arrive. I drive past the airport every day on my way to work but on the road its just another landmark in the way of my morning route. It’s so funny how different the same surroundings look and feel when looking through the window of the plane. We haven’t even taken off yet and I’m already transported to a different place. That is what I love about traveling, you are transported in body and spirit. I am ready for the change in atmosphere as well as a fresh mind that awaits me on this journey. Not to discredit how happy I am about traveling, but I am equally looking forward to coming home just as much as I am for this trip. Work is great and by no means am I ready to leave just yet. We have some very exciting things coming up that I am so very happy to be a part of. The universe has blessed me with this one. It’s too good to be true. But it’s so true, it’s so true and I love it. 

I’m excited to be in my old stomping grounds without the pressure and stress of school and the aroma of summertime in the air, mixed with gasoline of course. I get to see my good friend Rachel and her family, which I am very close to. Her sister is going off to college this fall so I am paying my goodbyes. I remember in the distance when I left for college three summers ago. So much growth has happened in those three years, and I am excited for her to experience such a crucial stage of development in her life thus far. This is my first time on a plane in over 6 months and I’m ready for it. I’ve traveled this route more times than I can name, it almost feels like second nature to me now. I love to travel and would love a job position that allots traveling, whether it be on air, land, or sea. 


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