America, My Home Sweet Home

Flying over icebergs! 

Ahoj, Praha!

My study abroad is officially over! I am on my flight back home to the United States. This experience was absolutely wonderful and I know I will never forget it!

Tuesday, we took our finals. It is hard to believe we learned so much in such a short time! I am really going to miss my art history teacher, Carol. She was fabulous and her knowledge on the subject and of Prague’s art was vast. She always had some interesting fact to share with us!

Then Wednesday was our last day to do as we pleased. I chose to finish my souvenir shopping. I walked around Old Town Square and checked out the little nooks that had small markets. It was pleasant to walk around and enjoy my last day in Prague. After a month filled with a lot of walking and time constraints, I found my day rather peaceful.

My last Czech meal: Svickova

I met my friends for lunch and finally had the Czech dish Svíčková na smetaně! It was interesting, to say the least. It consists of roast beef, cream sauce, bread dumplings, and a drop of cranberry and sugarless whipped cream. It tasted good but was also overwhelming sweet for a beef dish at the same time. Svíčková is definitely worth trying! I made sure that my last day consisted of a very Czech meal!

Finally, our closing reception was at 7 pm. We drank wine and champagne and celebrated the closing of a great program! We all received certificates, and watched a slide show of the photography major’s work. We also ate some delicious food! It was a nice time!

But now I am running on 4 hours of sleep, with two hours until my destination! I am not gonna lie, it feels like the right time to come home. I had a wonderful time and experience in Prague that I will certainly remember for the rest of my life. And I met and spent time with some of the loveliest and most fun people ever!

Keep tuned for my post-Prague blurbs!




  1. I agree that it feels like the right time to come home! I loved my experience and would not change it for anything but I am happy to be sleeping in my own bed and enjoying the company of my family. Getting home was extremely exhausting and I am sure your connecting flights were tougher to endure than my direct to JFK. I am happy you made it home safe and look forward to seeing you in the Urban Center!

  2. Yeah, surprisingly, my connecting flight went well! There was a gate change and we had to wait an extra hour to take off because Brussels Airport decided to pull people out of line at the gate to do security searches, but we still arrived to Newark on time! And this time, my luggage was at my destination waiting for me! See you in September!

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